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Old porcelain. #uintabasin #igutah #archeology
Just got my @softstarshoes ambassador kit! Always excited to run in great shoes made in the USA and to support a company that makes long lasting products. #running #minimalist
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Shooting aquariums with @fishguyz today. Lots of neat fish and interesting dentist office smells… #saltwater #fish #igutah
aaronbong asked:

Why are you visiting a chain of Mormon church owned and operated thrift stores?
A few reasons: First and foremost, I’m from Utah, I’ve scored tons of vintage cameras and dozens of flannels there.
Second, there’s always characters there. Deseret Industries (DI) has sort of a cult-following. There’s a crowd of hoarders, collectors and families at the doors every morning itching to get in and find a deal.
And third, the main reason I decided to do the project: I was casually chatting with an acquaintance at work and the subject of Salt Lake City and thrift stores came up. She said “I won’t shop at DI because it’s owned by Mormons.” I thought that sounded bigoted and petty.
Who cares? It’s recycling. It’s cheap. And if you look hard, you find cool stuff. I don’t care who sets it up, Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Atheists, Capitalists, Communists, etc. Just because Mormons run it is a stupid reason to dislike it.
I decided to visit them all. At the time I didn’t know there were 43. I thought  there were… I don’t know 12? No way. There’s 2 in Seattle, one in Sacramento, and 4 in L.A. Also Phoenix and Tucson. I’ve been to almost all of them now, and I’ve been saving Salt Lake City stores for last. So yes, I’ve driven to the Seattle ones, the Tucson one, and the San Diego one. I see the same junk at every single one. I could do a very long commentary on possessions and the fleeting nature of ownership, but that’s an answer to a different question.
It’s been an interesting project, one I started a year ago this weekend, and hopefully I’ll finish it in another month or so. 
Thanks for asking, it was interesting to actually think about the start of the project again - it helped alleviate a little artist burn-out. Only about 8 more to go!
I’ve got a page on my website with some other photos HERE.
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Burrowing Owl. Uinta Basin, Utah. 
Toyota with 335,000 miles. Uinta Basin, Utah. Ricoh GR high contrast mode. 
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SLC. Tri-X. Pentax MX. 2003?
Juniper, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah.